Daily Yoga Classes in Rishikesh

Yoga asanas are incredibly effective at both strengthening and opening the body leading to balance across the different bodily systems. Yoga asanas are of ancient origin, designed to :

  • tick iconKeep inner organs of the body healthy
  • tick iconSupport and stimulate the spine
  • tick iconImprove joint mobility and their long-term durability
  • tick iconPrepare body for meditation

Raj Yoga welcomes you for its daily yoga classes to experience yoga in the wonderful locations of Rishikesh. An opportunity to experience and practice yoga at your own pace.

Daily drop in yoga classes in rishikesh

Ashtanga Yoga from 8:00 am to 9:15am

Ashtanga is a series of asanas which is synchronized with the breathing process. These asanas generate the internal heat, increase the level of energy and help you reach the meditation state through the regular moment of breath, mental focus (Drishti) and the energetic locks (Bandha). It is principally an eight-limbed path constituting ;

  • tick icon Niyama (self-purification)
  • tick icon Pranayama
  • tick icon Dharana
  • tick icon Asana
  • tick icon Pratyahara
  • tick iconSamadhi

With the regular practice, you can bring out your full potential, learn to control your senses, and steady of body and mind. The important concepts of Ashtanga are correct breathing (Ujjayi Pranayama), postures (asanas), and a gazing point (drishti), there is a complete internal purification of body and soul. The class begins with Sun Salutation, which is followed with standing poses, inversions, and ends with closing series. Both the beginners as well as senior practitioners can gain extensively from Ashtanga.

Hatha Yoga (5: PM - 6:30 PM)

It is a traditional form of yoga and breathing technique which flow you through the series of poses in a rhythm. As explained, in Hatha, Ha means the sun and Tha means moon, you are getting the energy of both the sun and the moon. In each and every level of Hatha yoga, you are coming out of the inhibitions and preparing your body to reach the higher level of consciousness. It makes you more focus, provides relaxation to the body and mind and increase energy.

Through this one hour of yoga practice, you would understand the different mechanism of the body, generate an aura and come in a physical posture to generate energy in particular direction. It also helps you to experience and explore yoga in many ways that goes beyond the current limitations, and prepare yourself to reach the higher state of consciousness and lead a highly spiritual, healthy and soulful life.

Yoga Courses

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