Body mind and heart balance

There are countless different styles of yoga, and many different classes around the world that teach them. Our yoga school has simplified things by organizing them into three main areas of focus:

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Practice - Yoga for your body

Yoga for your body brings into focus the physical aspect of yoga. A powerful tool to engage more with your physical body, growing and developing through Asana practice . This is about strengthening, releasing and learning new ways of being and moving within your body.

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Focus - Yoga for your mind

Yoga for your mind covers the fascinating and rich history of yoga and the powerful mind/body connection including discussions and readings on the yogic lifestyle and yoga philosophy. It works to bridge the gap and engage the power of a strong mind/body connection that yogis have known for centuries.

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Surrender - Yoga for your heart

Through meditation, mantra chanting ,yog nindra, and working with the breath, yoga can become an exceptional tool for exploring, healing and opening your heart. It also provides a unique pathway to deepen and strengthen your understanding of your own emotions.

Incorporate the ancient wisdom with modern life

“Practice, Focus, Surrender.” corresponds to the three yogic paths, which are based on the three basic human instincts: Doing (Karma Yoga), Thinking (Jnana Yoga), and Feeling (Bhakti Yoga).We understand that people learn in different ways, and benefit most from varying learning paths. Some are more physically oriented, others more academic, some learn best through creative and emotional pathways.

Raj Yoga Rishikesh

We believe yoga is for everyone

Raj Yoga was created with the motto in mind ‘To spread ancient yogic wisdom, incorporated with modern life’. We truly believe that yoga can, and should be, accessible to all.We are registered with the Yoga Alliance and all of our teachers are experienced in both yoga as well as teacher training. You can rest assured that during your time here you will be train by experienced, registered and well-practiced teachers.

Static and Dynamic style of Yoga


Hatha Yoga classes focus on the fundamentals of Hatha yoga, the yoga of balance. Through Hatha & alignment we explore different postures and yogasanas, with a focus on individual poses rather than the flow or movement between them.

Hatha is a physical preparation, and an exploratory process that will take you beyond certain limitations of your mind, heart and body. Static poses allow us to move deeper within ourselves, allowing for a more meditative practice as well as helping to build strength and stamina in the physical body.


Vinyasa Flow is characterized by flowing poses and sequences that are linked to the breath. Through the flowing movement of one pose to the next, the focus is brought to the inhale and the exhale. In sanskrit, Vinyasa translates to mean ‘connection’, meaning the connection between body and breath.

Dynamic yoga has many benefits to the body, including improving strength and flexibility, circulating lymph through the body, strengthening the lungs as well as utilizing the connection with the breath to strengthen our mind/body connection at the same time.

Embark on a transformational journey in the world`s capital of yoga

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