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Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in India

Affordable, intensive and residential yoga teacher training in India at Raj Yoga Rishikesh, a yoga school - Rys 200 registered with Yoga Alliance. This is an alignment based hatha yoga teacher training course, based on ashtanga and Iyengar style, designed for beginners and advanced level practitioners.

Residential Yoga Teacher Training India

Yoga School Rishikesh

Preserving Yoga Traditions

Yoga is not simply a physical exercise, but the union of the individual with universal consciousness. We continue this union and strive to preserve traditional yoga through our methods and teaching.By preserving these yogic traditions we help to keep alive the true spirit of yoga. Through traditional methods we incorporate the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of yoga into modern life.
Raj Yoga India

Experienced Teachers

Study with experienced teachers from Rishikesh. Our teachers host many years of experience in yoga teacher training, personal yoga practices and also hold their masters in yogic science. They are friendly and knowledgeable, teaching in English and in a manner that is accessible to all students. We will take you on an inspiring journey into the yogic life, Asanas, practices and traditional yoga methods.
Yoga Teacher Training India

Located in Rishikesh (World Capital of Yoga)

There is no better place in the world to study yoga than Rishikesh. Known as the world capital of yoga, The spiritual environment of Rishikesh helps students and teachers alike to find the true essence of yoga and the yogic life.Rishikesh is a picturesque and tranquil location to study yoga, with the flowing river ganges, lush natural forests and the gateway to the majestic Himalayas right on the doorstep.

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh


Yoga You Can Trust

We infuse our yoga classes and teacher training with quality, integrity and fun. Our highly trained, passionate teachers make yoga accessible to everyone and offer a practice that can be applied on and off the mat.

Thoughtful Teaching

We place an emphasis on thoughtful sequencing, alignment and offer modifications so you can customize your practice along the way. you’ll experience a deeper connection to yoga and the present moment.

Unity in diversity

We understand that people learn in different ways, Some are more physically oriented, others more academic, some learn best through creative and emotional pathways.Our yoga school has simplified things by organizing them into single practice.
Raj Yoga Rishikesh Approach

Raj Yoga Rishikesh - RYS 200 Registered with Yoga Alliance

We offer 4-week residential yoga teacher training courses here at Raj Yoga Rishikesh (RYS200), suitable for yoga practitioners of all levels, from beginner to advanced. During the month you will have the opportunity to learn from our gifted and highly skilled yoga instructors who teach in English and in a manner accessible to all.

Yoga Teacher Training India

During our 4-week residential yoga course you will get to experience life in the yogic way. With training suitable for all skill levels, you will have many opportunities to learn, practice and develop your poses, asanas, and yogic practice.You will learn through mentor relationships, class-time participation and homework, spending this month developing a strong foundation in yoga as well life-long professional yoga teaching skills.

Yoga Teacher Training India Accommodation

Fully furnished private room set in our beautiful garden grounds. You’ll be surrounded by tranquil forests, gardens and nature as well as a short stroll away from the Holy river Ganges. An Idyllic spot for yoga and meditation. There is a choice of accommodation available to you on this program, and all rooms come with a ceiling fan or air conditioning, private bathroom and nice warm showers to rejuvenate you at the end of each day.

Raj Yoga Rishikesh - Yogic Meal

When undertaking any physical or spiritual practice, one of the keys lies in maintaining a healthy body.Tantalising curries and nutritious dals, vegetables and soups will help nourish your body and give you the strength and energy for a month of intensive yoga training. During your residential stay at Raj Yoga Rishikesh we will provide you with 3 mouth-watering veg meals a day.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

During your month stay with us, we will take you out on two different Sunday outings, where you will get to explore and see the sights of our spiritual and picturesque city. This will be a wonderful chance to bond with your fellow future-teachers, as well as see the most beautiful parts of Rishikesh.You’ll be able to explore Rishikesh and visit it’s many temples, local waterfalls, the Ganges, and get to know the local customs and traditions.

Yoga Rishikesh I remember this nice days in rishikesh,it was my best experience of yoga at raj yoga rishikesh. I wish meet you again and practice yoga with you.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh
Dinara Yerezhepova

Affordable Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

Affordable yoga teacher training include yoga hall under the same roof for your residence, so after an intense day of yoga practice your comforting stay is only a few steps away.

Raj Yoga Rishikesh - Yoga hall
Raj Yoga Rishikesh Accomodation
Raj Yoga Rishikesh Garden Area

Become a Yoga Teacher in india with Yoga Alliance Certification

Become a yoga teacher at Raj Yoga Rishikesh ( a Yoga School in India registered with Yoga Alliance).


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