Yoga Accommodation

At Raj Yoga Rishieksh, you will have an comfortable and memorable stay. After an intense day of class, It is important for each student to have their own private space in order to retreat inwards, reflect, and recharge. Each room is furnished with a comfy bed, table and chairs, and a private bathroom. There is choice of accommodation available, rooms with balcony or by the small flowing water fall.

Here Is List Of Facilities Provided For:

  • tick iconDouble bed
  • tick iconSide drawers
  • tick iconAttached Bathrooms with 24 hours running hot and cold water
  • tick iconFree wi-fi

Healthy Food

You will be given Sattvic food three times a day, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, without any compromise on the quality. Besides the meals, the food includes salad and fruits. Each day would be different for you even in your dining room, as you would get to eat varieties of Indian food, which are highly nutritious. . We ensure that after completion of the course, once you are back home, you will have good memories of your retreat and remember the healthy ayurvedic food.

  • rishikesh yoga food
  • rishikesh yoga food
  • rishikesh yoga food
    Daily Schedule For Meals Is As Follow
  • tick icon9:30 : Breakfast & Tea
  • tick icon1:00 : Lunch
  • tick icon7:30 : Dinner

Yoga Courses

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