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We are located in under the foothills of the majestic Himalayas and on the banks of the Ganges river.Raj Yoga Rishikesh is one of the resputed yoga school in india and the top destination destination for students aspiring to become yoga teacher from all over the world. We offer 200hr yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in rsihikesh india.

I had the most amazing time at Raj Yoga Rishikesh doing my TTC. The teachers were amazing. Such fantastic knowledge and so patient with the students. They became great friends and I shall miss them dearly. I can?ft recommend it enough.

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Poppy Roberts


I have lived a unique and unforgettable month in my life in Rishikesh studying and learning about the philosophy of yoga. I has been a wonderful experience, which I would repeat again. I feel very grateful for the people I have met, Sandeep, all the great teachers, classmates, care staff, waiters, owners and all the people that make this experience possible. Absolutely each and every one of them touched my heart and I carry with me hundreds of memories, smiles and friends of the soul. I am much more than happy and I feel blessed for everything that each of you has given me in Raj Yoga.THANK YOU and I hope to see you again soon.

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Milagro Rico


Following the 200TTC at Raj was the wisest decision I made this past year. About practice of the Asanas, they corrected all my bad habits, developed my abilities and made me more confident in myself, far beyond my expectations. I deepened my learnings in Pranayama thanks to a clever leading and I widely broadened my horizons in philosophy and meditation. All the teachers are very mindful and skilled, the staff is helpful, and the place is an additional asset with its comfy rooms, delightful garden and various complementary activities.

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Mauve Leroy


I had a beautiful experience at Raj Yoga Rishikesh. The school offers beautiful rooms and and spacious and fully equipped yoga hall next to a beautiful garden.Teachers are very nice, friendly and always available, they really took care of us! The whole staff took very good care of us and I had an amazing experience!

raj yoga rishikesh reviews
Pierluigi Minicozzi


If you are looking for a lovely place to stay and to learn yoga I would recommend Raj Yoga Rishikesh. The place is tranquil with beautiful garden,large yoga hall and provides lovely private rooms with bathrooms. That's all you need after an intensive dayly yoga training. In the restaurant they serve you tasty vegetarian dishes designed for yogis to give energy but not to make you heavy and hard to digest. All staff of the resort was very attentive and helpful with anything you need. Teachers were on very high professional level, passionate about what they teach, really approachable and helpful. I attended 200 hours yoga teacher training as beginner to yoga and after finishing it I feel confident to pass my knowledge further. I can't thank enough to all my lovely teachers for work they did.

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Katarina Szaboova


I am experiencing a new way of learning yoga, here in Raj Yoga Rishikesh, teachers care very much about technique and give personalized learning. No matter if you are a beginner or advance it's a very professional centre for everyone.

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Maria Mora


During my course I had an opportunity to be at Rajyoga Rishikesh. My stay was deep, teachers were amazing and professionals. The studio has all the tools to fine a comfortable and good posture, all the time there are options and ways to learn. About the rooms these have a incredible view. I had o really good time.

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Libertad Z. Iniesta


I had regular yoga drop in classes at Raj Yoga. Sandeep is an experienced, professional and nice yoga teacher. He is so far the best teacher for yoga alignments I've had. Not only does he teach yoga, but he also lives and follows the yoga philosophy . The classes are original and never the same, it doesn't get boring. I strongly recommend the 200 YTTC.

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Berenice Mertens


Sandeep is a really good yoga teacher. Very patient a good explanation. I really enjoyed my course with him. The yoga room is great with a wonderful view on the mountain. Highly recommended.

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Catherine Dorey


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