Host Yoga Retreat in India

At Raj Yoga Rishikesh we welcome all aspiring Yoga teachers, trainers including those who want to bring forth their group to experience the austere Yogic sense. With our Yoga Retreat programme,you can either host your own programme or take assistance from our professionals to master the skills of Yoga.

Our stunning property backs onto an undisturbed valley, surrounder by mountains and lush gardens. A rewarding retreat sanctuary - your space.

Weare here to make your experience as easy and smooth as possible, so you can focus on doing what you do best. We provide complimentary and chargeable services, depending on your needs.

With the ability to host up to 40 guests, We would love to host you for your retreat! Featuring 2 yoga hall, spacious (30+ yoga mats), complete with gorgeous hardwood floors , equipped with yoga props.

Host Yoga Retreat in India

Retreat with Nature in Rishikesh

We invite you to explore Raj Yoga Rishikesh Retreats, an intimate center, designed to make you feel completely at home, with the moutain view cloase to river Ganges and a warm attentive team dedicated to look after your every need. Rishikesh is a great location to connect with nature, be part of the way of locals daily life and encounter the warmth of the Rishikesh people.

  • tick iconThree vegetarian and healthy meals prepared with fresh herbs.
  • tick iconAccommodation in a clean, comfortable and hygienic room.
  • tick iconPractice Yoga poses in a well-designed room.
  • tick iconExplore the beautiful natural surroundings in Rishikesh.

Abode for Spirituality

Raj Yoga Rishikesh is the abode of spirituality wherein you will get to learn the essence of Yoga, and its philosophy. You will get a chance to meet great and experienced teachers, and feel Yogic and its austerity in the purest form.


Handpicked locations Rishikesh - on the laps of Ganges is the venue for retreats. Nothing serves better than staying amidst nature while practicing and learning about Yoga.

Rishikesh is well-connected by road, rail, and air, and hence, you can easily reach this wonderful spot.

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Raj Yoga Rishikesh offers classes which are well designed to foster learning in a group. In case, you want to iterate your own programme with a group, the same is also permitted. In both the cases, Yoga halls are allocated, which are designed in a way to aid peace of mind.

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Fees and Amenities

For the fees, contact the officials of Raj Yoga Rishikesh. Special requests can also be discussed with us.

Amenities included:

  • tick iconTraining from Internationally Certified Yoga instructors
  • tick iconGain insights into practical asanas, postures, Mudras, Bandhanas and breathing techniques.
  • tick iconClean Hotel with amenities such as hot running water, Wi-Fi, and attached washroom.
  • tick iconYoga Book, Pen.
  • tick iconThree meals a day - sattvic vegetarian food.
  • tick iconChance to interact with experienced teachers.


It is advisable to make reservations for yoga halls and accommodations for a group to avoid last-minute hassles. Also, group booking is not available during the Yoga teacher training.


We offer continuous support right from booking, till organization retreat for your group facilitating a memorable experience for your participants. Planning and retreating assistance along with transportation from the Yogashala to the hotels or resorts are done to ensure a smooth transition. Recommendations for excursions for the group in and around Rishikesh, can also be suggested if required.


For booking or enquiries for the availability of rooms, fees and other details, kindly contact us.

Our Retreat Locations

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